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hire the German Rhine Philharmonic Orchestra

Do you have a job for an orchestra?

– Calling upon the GRP’s musicians –

Do you need an orchestra for a festival or corporate event? Or do you need to have some music recorded for a specific purpose? Are you a soloist looking for an opportunity to perform? Does your choir need instrumental support? Our orchestra is at your service.

Please get in touch to discuss options and preferences. 

Email our artistic director Desar Sulejmani at desar.sulejmani@deutsche-rhein-philharmonie.de or send him a message by means of the contact form. We’ll then be in touch.


How much space do I need for an orchestra, and what else do I need to consider?

We have put together some helpful information for you if you want to engage the GRP.

DRP engagieren

The GRPat a ceremony in the Essen Philharmonie. Credits: Björn Fuchs, fuchs fotodesign

Download Technical Rider DRP