update 2020
The crazy year 2020 is slowly coming to an end, and it is clear that there will be no more performances for the German Rhine Philharmonic Orchestra until the end of the year. Here is an update on the projects and our hopes for the future. At the moment, orchestral […]

Update – the year 2020

corona concert GRP
Corona has the cultural sector firmly on the bit. And we have long delayed informing our musicians and the public. For although it was soon clear that this would not be a normal year: There is still some hope that the German Rhine Philharmonic Orchesta will be able to meet […]

Concerts despite Corona?

GRP 2020
For the German Rhine Philharmonic Orchestra, the coming year will be strongly marked by anniversaries and commemorative days. That means: several world premieres and even a debut performance are being planned. The upcoming concerts in 2020 promise exciting projects which extend far beyond the home region of the GRP. International […]

Concerts 2020: festivities, commemorations, world premieres and first performances

Musikfest der Bundeswehr
On 21.9. the music festival of the Bundeswehr takes place. The German Rhine Philharmonic Orchestra will accompany the German pop musician and star guest of the event Adel Tawil, among others. More than 800 performers from 7 nations will be on stage at the show in the ISS Dome in […]

The GRP at the music festival of the Bundeswehr

Airport Düsseldorf
Special instrument transportation, customs regulations, musical serenades on board – orchestras travelling by plane know this well enough. The German Rhine Philharmonic Orchestra is now looking forward to a new experience together with the Düsseldorf Airport. For one year, the airport and its neighbourhood office will sponsor the orchestra in […]

In partnership with the Düsseldorf Airport

Brahms recording
During its concert tour, the Deutsche Rhein-Philharmonie has performed, among other things, Johannes Brahms’ 3rd Symphony in F Major in Skopje in the beautiful new Philharmonic Hall. Clara Schumann once said about the symphony:“What a work, what poetry, the most harmonious mood through the whole, all the movements as if […]

Brahms’ 3rd Symphony in Skopje: Recording from the Philharmonic on ...